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This audio is part of the collection: "Sunyatha" Records (Netlabel)

About Ep:

Ep collaborative project two totally different countries and totally extreme climates of each other, on one side we have the Russian duo of experimental music and improvisation, Astma (Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova) and the other the Free Jazz and Improvisation project Brazil's OLEO-(Orquestra Livre Experimental Organica).
In this ep the unusual collaboration between the two groups yielded a totally free music and at times goes through ambient and sensations, thus creating a very different and unique mix!
This work has provided something unusual apparent "sound intimacy" between projects (we should emphasize that the musicians involved in the two countries do not know personally) and this is something that is fairly obvious in ep
Prints and mystification are wide open these 5 total detachment tracks and much love to all creation and sound execution this.
I hope you will like the results
Have fun !!

Cover art:

About OLEO (Orquestra Livre Experimental Orgânica) - Brazil:

Project that started in 23 / August / 2014d.C
Initial idea of the project was intended to take advantage of free improvisation and creativity aimed at creating new concepts and sounds (exploring the electronic and organic).
Focusing on music and arts, blending elements to the idea arose.
It was created and developed on a larger scale with more talking heads, new idea of sound and attitude.
What helped in all this was that kind of "conceptual experimentalism, musical" so this project was done.
Some of the tracks are improvised on the "flow" and a very unassuming, unpretentious way so that even the space for new "instrumentalist" and shares ... What matters is to overcome barriers and create new environments and sounds.
This whole concept would not be possible without the concept:
"Do it yourself".
For everything that generates the concept of improvisation is mainly the ability to simultaneously produce and interpret within or without harmonic or rhythmic parameters, melodies, rhythms and vocalizations.

About ASTMA (Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova) - Russia:

Free improv/electro-acoustic/noise duo
Astma was formed in April 2009. Music components: free improvisation, live electronics, noise, spoken word, tape music, soundtracks, field recordings, electro, sound art etc. The duo collaborates with different musicians, sound artists, video-artists, dancers and poets from different countries, produces music for silent movies ("The 11th" and "Enthusiasm" by Dziga Vertov), art exhibitions, theatrical and multi-media events and actions, plays dj sets.
This duet with Olga Nosova (harvester-icon of the Moscow underground post-punk) is one of the last projects of Alexei Borisov, a true veteran of the industrial scene / e / Russian improvised . Developing ultra fast their music to the breathtaking power, astma has quickly been cheered by a crowd of enthusiastic unleashed not only in Russia, but all around the globe.
Formed in Moscow, the duo pays tribute to both the experimental path of endless reincarnations Alexei Borisov and great instrumental experience Olga, embracing all-out bizarre spoken-word elements, free and psychedelic, of live electronics, minimalism, free jazz, noise, heavy with acid, electroacoustic, dub, and too many different types of acoustic torture to mention them all. Largely improvised, their music can go in every possible direction, at any moment, but keeping the core of power and freedom overpowering capable of everything and anything ...


released March 17, 2015

ASTMA (Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova duo):
Alexei Borisov: guitar, bass, voice, electronics, drums, devices....
Olga Nosova: drums, percussion, electronics, guitar, bass, voice, objects, recorders etc...

Alexei Borisov:

Olga Nosova:


Romulo Alexis: trumpet, flute.
Jefferson Peres: drums
Marco Antonio: electric bass and fretless bass



Nando Souza: saxophone
Reginaldo Rodrigues: handmade instruments / alaude
Vice Fiori: five string violin FX



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