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    Bonus videos with live performances:
    "DARK NOISE AMBIENT" performance by ARTMOSF (Indonesia)
    "Andropausa" performance by Obasquiat+Jesus Cremoso+ChaDeMolusco (Brazil)

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This audio is part of the collection: "Sunyatha" Records (Netlabel)

About Ep:

The idea of ​​the ep was to do it through the sound waves that cross continents and regions.
A timeless sound vocabulary is singing a re the history and experiences which is expressed through music, as the ship giving and said the winds it.
It is no coincidence if the project has a transcendental value the whole concept was inspired by the people for the people, explaining that the relationship is not limited by region or distance.
Work becomes especially when each character relates and reform each other.
We hope that this collective work will inspire many people to maintain solidarity and also show that despite the geographical distance and the language barrier, it is still possible to produce, create, express other artistic forms of good quality and creativity.
The art / music is a heritage of humanity and this instinctively this intrinsically to our intimate.
Welcome to a different dimension in some playful characters.
Now relax and embark on this experimental sound travel approximately 36 minutes split into 6 tracks
Enjoy Kid's!

About the name of the Album:

Psychoacoustic studies the relationship between auditory sensations and physical characteristics of the sound. The auditory sensations are determined by the physical characteristics of sound, mainly frequency and amplitude, but also temporal characteristics.
According Zwicker1 there are at least five basic auditory sensations to non-musical signals:
1. loudness: subjective sensation of sound volume, determined by sound pressure and signal frequency, and spectral and temporal characteristics.
2. Sharpness: auditory sensation of bass or treble, determined by the amount of energy in low or high frequency.
3. intensity fluctuation: auditory sensation of loudness fluctuations caused by slow modulations of the sound signal in frequency or amplitude modulation with frequencies up to 20 Hz.
4. roughness: auditory sensation caused by rapid modulations of the sound signal in frequency or amplitude modulation with frequencies between 40 Hz and 300 Hz.
5. tone: auditory sensation caused by the presence of tonal components in the signal.
For music signals are considered usually the sensations of loudness, height (pitch) and timbre.
There are differences on the independence of these sensations together. While Zwicker stated that the five basic sensations would be independent of each other, more recent studies have confirmed that there is interdependence between them.


released February 25, 2015

Cover art - Obasquiat:

Artmosf (Indonesia):

Obasquiat (Brazil):

Jesus Cremoso (Brazil):

ChaDeMolusco (Brazil):

بغد اد‎‎ -Shirin (Tunisia):

Götterdämmerung-Jr (France):

Romulo Alexis (Brazil):

Das Buch Vice (Brazil):

Special participation on the track "Spouting Demon" Henrique Alves

Produced and mixed by:
Marco Antonio



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