Motivos Esquizofrénicos y Metamorfósis Polirrítmica 5º y 6º tiempos.

by Obasquiat+Jesus Cremoso+ChaDeMolusco

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This audio is part of the collection: "Sunyatha" Records (Netlabel)

About "Motivos Esquizofrénicos y Metamorfósis Polirrítmica 5º y 6º tiempos Ep":

This is a live bootleg of 3 tracks we introduce and present the combo and one unreleased track recorded in studio.
The combo (union of three separate projects) Obasquiat + Jesus Cremoso+ ChaDeMolusco.
The experiments were the following records of two events that happened by Sao Paulo frenzied, the tracks form the records of the presentations in Ibrasotope and soiree group "Arte por ai" all performed in 2015.

About the combo Obasquiat+Jesus Cremoso+ChaDeMolusco:

Improvisation is mainly the ability to simultaneously produce and interpret, in or not harmonic or rhythmic parameters, melodies, rhythms and vocalizations.
Spontaneous composition presentation of experimental music / harsh noise / psychedelic / noise rock / free improvisation.
The idea of ​​the combo is always keep in focus the transcendence and search for new sounds and blends.
The project consists of making "weird music" without being attached to standards or aesthetic, noise, lack of commitment, creativity in expression, rustic records first take.
The intention to use creativity and free improvisation (exploring the electronic and organic). •.
It is created and developed on a larger scale with talking heads, free experimental group.
Troupe artistic variable training. .
Conglomerate not specified.
Collective without losing the individual.
Exploration of artistic expressions
"Do it yourself!". (D.I.Y = Do it Yourself)
For everything that is generated.


released March 14, 2015


Arte por ai:


Jesus Cremoso:


An experience somewhat troubled ... experimental music / harsh noise / psychedelic / noise rock.
Our participation in the event carnival, and poetry soiree!
Brazilian Combo Noise (B.C.N): Obasquiat+JesusCremoso+ChaDeMolusco.

Thanks in particular to the staff of Ibrasotope for giving the house and the group "Arte por ai" for the invitation and participation in the soiree



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